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Incomparable next-generation protection.

The VORONOÏ CARBON is the riding helmet that combines the ultimate in new generation protection combining carbon, in-molding and temporal protection.

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Incomparable next-generation protection.

The VORONOÏ CARBON is the riding helmet that combines the ultimate in new generation protection combining carbon, in-molding and temporal protection.

Carbon: The outer shell of the VORONOÏ CARBON is made of carbon fiber, a high-tech material whose structure of layers of interwoven fibers offers exceptional impact resistance.

In-molding: A sheet of polycarbonate is overmolded over the inner shell, adding an additional protective barrier between the outer shell and the EPS shell.

EPS shell: the use of a carbon outer shell and in-molding technology allows the use of a particularly absorbent low-density EPS foam inside.

Temporal protection: the VORONOÏ CARBON is the first riding helmet with temple protection (removable option), reducing the risk of concussions in the most fragile part of the skull.

Safety first.

Our desire to develop the first riding helmet for better protection of the temporal area comes from an observation: each year in France, more than 150,000 head injuries require a trip to the emergency room, around a quarter of which are due to accidents. sport or leisure. These traumas are explained by the fragility of the brain and the thinness of the skull. The temporal area is responsible for 80% of serious brain lesions.

Temple protection reduces the risk of concussion on the most fragile part of the skull, the temporal area. Indeed, behind the temporal bone is the meningeal artery. The slightest trauma can damage this artery, forming a hematoma and compressing the brain cells, leading to serious after-effects or even death. The VORONOÏ CARBON helmet is the only one to take into account the temporal area, absorbing and distributing the shock wave over a large area to reduce the risks.

Tested since the work of the WG11 working group (Work Group 11), protection against rotational impact is perfectly assured, without additional artifices, the supposed advantages of which have never been demonstrated by independent laboratories including the Virginia Tech Lab.

Safety, comfort and lightness.

The internal shell of the VORONOÏ CARBON is made from one of the most absorbent EPS (expanded polystyene) foam on the market. An integrated rib (between the upper part of the outside upper shell and the lower temporal part) reinforces the structure and offers crush resistance well above standards.

FREEJUMP was inspired by the technologies used in bicycle and ski helmets by integrating a polycarbonate sheet directly over the EPS foam. This In-molding technology, combined with the carbon fiber outer shell, offers exceptional impact resistance thanks to this three-layer construction.

The interior lining is designed with high quality Italian fabric to maximize comfort, breathability and head support. It is removable to wash (wash at 30°C/86°F and natural drying) to ensure comfort and hygiene.

The VORONOÏ CARBON helmet is extremely light for unparalleled comfort when worn over time: +/- 500g without the lower temporal protection with lining and long visor, +/- 600g with the lower temporal protection.

Design and ventilation.

Inspired by the distinctive geometric pattern that gave the helmet its name, the two vents (front and rear on the outer shell) are designed to optimize airflow to provide exceptional thermal regulation. The Voronoï pattern, with its irregular geometric cells, creates a unique and captivating aesthetic reminiscent of dragonfly wings. Each cell of the Voronoï pattern is carefully positioned to maximize strength and airflow through the helmet, optimizing safety, ventilation and breathability.

The internal shell of the VORONOÏ CARBON includes 20 vents maximizing ventilation.

The interior lining is equipped on the front with an ABS half-moon (clipped on the front edge of the interior shell) embellished by 2 openings directing the air flow as it enters the helmet.

Customization, style, range of sizes.

The VORONOÏ CARBON is customizable. It is possible to personalize the shell, the in-molding, the ear loops, the vents and their grilles, and the visor, to reflect a unique style. The helmet is available with or without temporal protection, the latter being removable and remountable. It is recommended to choose the complete configuration (with temporal protection), for security reasons but also to be able to connect the soon to be released Freejump Intercom by Cardo. Temporal protection can nevertheless be added later.

The VORONOÏ CARBON is available in three shell sizes (S, M and L) and in three colors: black carbon, blue carbon and full black carbon.

The interior liner is available in a wide range of sizes from 52cm to 62cm.


The VORONOÏ CARBON helmet is approved according to the highest safety standards including the most recent European standard CE EN1384:2023 (standard replacing the 2017 European standard and integrating the VG1 standard).

The VORONOÏ CARBON helmet is also rated 4* (out of a maximum of 5*) by the American laboratory Virginia Tech, renowned for testing helmets and awarding an independent rating. Find the Virginia Tech Lab grading link here.

This excellent rating, like the EN1384:2023 certification, is obtained without taking into account the advantage of temple protection which clearly ranks it above other helmets on the market.