This season has definitely delivered surprises all the way through, but in the end it is always the best couples on top – especially when they are the best who participate!

On the Swedish track of GOTEBORG, our hearts did the tango, rock'n'roll style.

Saturday was rather ambiance "caterpillar" with Freejump ambassadors receiving all the awards! In the 140 against the clock, Denis Lynch (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY) took 3rd place ahead of Harrie Smolders (SOFT'UP PRO) 4th and Marco Kutscher (SOFT'UP PRO), Geir Gulliksen (PRO SOFT'UP / LIBERTY) and Laura Renwick (SOFT'UP PRO), respectively 6th, 7th, and 8th!

Hardly enough time for Geir Gulliksen and Laura Renwick to get on their next mounts and the sweet sound of clear rounds was ringing to their ears in the Joker test at 1m45, they are 3rd and 4th, followed closely by Nicola Philippaerts (SOFT'UP PRO) 5th, Max Kühner (SOFT'UP PRO) 6th, Henrik von Eckermann (SOFT'UP PRO) and Rolf Göran Bengtsson and 8th (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY).

On Sunday, it was a 3 measures’ rythm with the Grand Prix 1m55 rewarding Rolf Göran Bengtsson, Nicola Philippaerts and Marco Kutscher ringing 3rd, 8th and 9th bells.

But on Monday, the waltz speeds up to 1000 measures! Max Kühner (SOFT'UP PRO) won the 1m45 speed before Harrie 2nd, Geir 4th, 6th and Laura 8th.

After 3 rounds, the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Final played his last notes and celebrated Denis Lynch (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY) 5th and Simon Delestre (Hermès stirrups by Freejump) 9th, but especially Harrie Smolders (SOFT'UP PRO) stepping on the 2nd step of the podium!

After the Crazy Horse, the "CICO *** Crazy Ride"! To see it, you had to rush to FONTAINEBLEAU which hosted this Nations Cup Eventing leg:

the unstoppable Michael Jung (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY XC) led the pack with Biosthétique Sam, and was also 2nd with Fischerrocana FST! On his heels, Nicolas Touzaint (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY XC) and Crocket 30 took 4th place.

The outcome sounds like a refrain with the Team Competition: Germany's Jung wins, just ahead of the France of Touzaint!

They were also under the spotlight: Kent Farrington (SOFT'UP PRO) gave the tempo with Gazelle in the Suncast 1.50m Championship Jumper Classic of the WEF in Wellington (Florida) ; while in the Great American 1 million dollars Grand Prix of the HITS in Ocala (Florida as well), Cian O'Connor (SOFT'UP PRO / LIBERTY) and the well named Good Luck made a one man show and finish 2nd!