Accountable Brand

A responsible brand:


  • Made in France

As you would expect, all of our products are conceived, designed, developed and tested in France, within our design department in Bordeaux.

Production of all of our stirrups and spurs takes place exclusively in France, at various partner factories using our own tools. Assembly takes place in Langon, 40 km from Bordeaux.

  • Leather production

Driven by a strong desire to relocate our footwear production, all of our men’s and women’s shoes, chaps and tall boots are now assembled in Portugal, in a factory with unique expertise.

  • Methodical control of materials

The highly technical steels used in our stirrups are exclusively purchased from the best European steel mills belonging to Thysser Group or Arcelor Mital.

The elastomer compounds – which enable overmoulding – are produced from recycled material as far as possible. However, we do reject materials with a plant origin as these are detrimental to subsistence crops and cause deforestation rates to rise.

Thanks to the acquisition of a special furnace, a recycling programme allows us to recycle our stirrups and separate steel from plastic materials.

Our leather comes from top-end tanneries that adhere to the strictest environmental standards. They are monitored by the CTC (French Technical Centre for Leather) in order to test both their strength and low chromium content.

  • Packaging

Wherever possible, we avoid using plastic in our packaging; aside from enhancing products, its function is to protect them during transportation.


  • Protection of the environment, respect of humans and horses

We strive to minimise our impact on the environment at all levels: choice of materials, partners, recycling, waste management…

Our partners in Europe are selected on the basis of having management who respect their employees’ well-being.

Since the invention of our first product, the Freejump Collar, all of our product innovations are thought out and considered with the comfort of horse and rider in mind. Their uniqueness justifies marketing them separately to conventional mass-produced alternatives.