Airbag cartridge replacement

How to replace the Freejump airbag cartridge ?

First of all, choose the capacity of the cartridge:

Freejump Airbag:

50cc for children airbags of S and L sizes ;
60cc for airbags : XXS Regular Fit, XS Regular Fit, XS Slim Fit, S Regular Fit, S Slim Fit, M Regular Fit , M Slim Fit, L Regular Fit ;
85cc for airbags : L Slim Fit, XL Regular Fit and XXL Regular Fit.

X’Air Safe:

18gr for children body protector of L size and body protectors of XXS, XS and XST sizes ;
20gr for body protectors of S sizes ;
24gr for body protectors of ST and M sizes ;
33gr for body protectors of MT, L, LT and XL sizes.

Then proceed to the steps below with the help of the explanatory video :


/ STEP 1 /

Unscrew the cartridge and double check it has been used.


/ STEP2 /

Use an Allen key to unscrew the cap until the indicator is at the top of its rail.


/ STEP 3 /

Reposition the piston with the Allen key.

VERY IMPORTANT: bring back the piston in front of the hole using the Allen key!


/ STEP 4 /

Reposition the ball with its holding clip

VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you insert back the ball into the piston. Never insert back the ball without bringing back the piston in front of the hole!


/ STEP 5 /

Start screwing back manually and straight the cap into the generator, finish with the Allen key.


/ STEP 6 /

Check with the indicator.


/ STEP 7 /

Double check that the cartridge is new before screwing it in.