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New Air’s Stirrups
veröffentlicht am 21 Oktober 2019
NO WORDS NEEDED !  New Air’s stirrups (189€), Available at Helsinki, 5* CCI Pau and Equitalyon and very very soon in shops.  
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New stirrups
veröffentlicht am 15 Oktober 2019
Something new is coming ! Get ready and meet us during Equitalyon (October 30th to November 3rd) to discover the new Air’s stirrup !
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New Oscar&Gabrielle Collection
veröffentlicht am 24 September 2019
Be Safe, Be Style ! Discover or rediscover the Oscar&Gabrielle collection, all integrating the Helite Zip in airbag. Oscar&Gabrielle is a brand Freejump  
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New Horse Bonnet
veröffentlicht am 29 August 2019
🌟 New Horse Bonnet : Choco/choco and Grey/white ! Price : 49 € unique size  !
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Martin Fuchs, the new European Champion
veröffentlicht am 26 August 2019
Since this Sunday August 25th, Martin Fuchs (switzerland) is the new European Champion with his amazing Clooney 51. Already silver medal last year in Tryon’s World Equestrian Games, Martin is adding another milestone to his young top rider career! Martin was also recently the first rider to jump a 5* Grand Prix with a show jacket integrating an airbag – it […]
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