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Good news
veröffentlicht am 25 März 2020
Good news ! Thanks to the efforts of our logistics, we are able to deliver products at your doorstep, limiting the risks of exposure. Please think firts of our still opened authorized retailers or via their websites. Our website is another option (free shipping due to the exceoptional situation with code FREEJUMPLOVESYOU). You can take your […]
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Message from Freejump Team
veröffentlicht am 18 März 2020
As all the others businesses stroke by the Covid 19 constraints, Freejump is reorganizing itself  looking  for the best balance between ensuring the safety of our employees and partners and maintaining of our activity. Covid restraints depend on countries legislation and some countries are not blocked. Some will start again their activities before others, professional […]
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top rider news week#8
veröffentlicht am 25 Februar 2020
WELLINGTON – FEBRUARY 19-23 – CSI5* Wednesday – 145 5th : Karen Polle (Soft’Up Pro) Thursday – Grand Prix Qualifier 155 1st : Martin Fuchs (Soft’Up Pro+ / K2 Shoes, Chaps America/ Freejump Airbag technology Show jacket Oscar & Gabrielle) Friday – 145 1st : Bertram Allen (Soft’Up Pro+) 4th : Eve Jobs (Soft’Up Pro+) […]
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Top Rider news week 7
veröffentlicht am 17 Februar 2020
WELLINGTON FL DEERIDGE FARMS – FEBRUARY 14-16 – CSIO5* Friday – Grand Prix 165 4th : Ashlee Bond (Soft’Up Classic / Foxy Woman boots) 6th : Martin Fuchs (Soft’Up Pro+ / K2 Shoes, Chaps America/ Freejump Airbag Technology Show jacket Oscar et Gabrielle) Friday – 145 2nd : Ashlee Bond (Soft’Up Classic / Foxy Woman […]
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Oscar&Gabrielle Fashion Show
veröffentlicht am 12 Februar 2020
We officially launched the new Freejump Airbag at the amazing 2020 Jumping de Bordeaux. We presented the « Freejump Airbag Technology »  range of products including the compatible line of zipper free jackets during the Oscar&Gabrielle fashion show. The new Freejump Airbag received a warm welcome, many riders already decided to start riding with it, following the exemple […]
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