Freejump Airbag Technology

In may 2019, we acquired Oscar & Gabrielle, the pioneer brand for competition jackets compatible with airbags (Helite Zip’In airbags).

Martin Fuchs started this adventure with us in July 2019, riding the legendary Grand Prix of Aix la Chapelle for the first time with the Oscar & Gabrielle jacket and Helite Zip’in Airbag

In December 2019, Martin Fuchs won the Geneva Grand Prix with the prototype of the new Freejump Airbag jacket, only a few months after becoming the new European Champion.



After 8 months of R&D in collaboration with Helite, this new Freejump Airbag is the result of our dedication for innovation, and of our desire for ever greater performance, comfort and safety for riders.




 Made in France

Each Airbag is tested individually


Performance :

Inflation speed and level of protection outperform all CRITT certification tests

CE EU certification 2016/425



Cervical, Back, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis, Thorax

Neck protection optimized for wearing a certified riding helmet

Continuous side protection for a trunk alignment perfect support



2 bust lengths on sizes XS, S, M, L for a back, lumbar and sacral protection suitable for all body types.

10 years guarantee high performance cartridges.



Stretch materials

Micro-perforated fabrics for optimized ventilation

Zip closure



Invisible under the jacket.

Designed to be worn alone or with „Freejump Airbag Technology – Compatible Jacket“ approved clothing.



Find all our advices about how to use the airbag here :