Eventers have dreamt about it, Freejump just did it !

X’AIR SAFE : unique combination between a body protector an airbag vest. 

  • The X’AIR SAFE is competition ready, meeting 2 safety standards : the NF S72 800 2022 standard of a classic airbag vest, and the EN 13 158: 2018 level 3 standard of the Eventing body protectors.
  • The FREEJUMP Airbag Technology is integrated inside the body protector for an optimum distribution of the impacts, and thus protect the rider much more effectively.


8 times more protection compared to a body protection alone
4 times more protection than a body protection with an airbag over it


  • Comfort : “2 in 1” body protection.

Weight reduction of at least 20% compared to a body protection + airbag combo.
Cartridges are twice smaller than for a standard airbag vest.



Fastest gas generator, patented leash and saddle strap. Full inflation speed of 89 ms (size M), guaranteeing use whatever the height of the horse.
Made in France: assembly in the FREEJUMP workshop in Bordeaux.



Laser cut inserts and foams for maximum precision. Automated assembly of the foam compartments for 100% repeatability. Elastic side adjustments for a better fitting. YKK zipper.
– Technical Fabrics : Cordura-based military-grade outer fabric for maximum abrasion resistance to tearing and UV protection. 3D mesh interior fabric for comfort and breathability.
– Technical Foams : Complex of 2 foams. Dense outer foam for shock distribution. Inner rubber foam for shock absorption and comfort (used in bulletproof vests).


Sizes: Child S, Child M, Child L, XXS, XS, XST, S, ST, M, MT, L, LT, XL
4 cartridges sizes depending on size of the vest 18gr, 20gr, 24gr 33gr