The first step of the Freejum Contest start this week end ! 10 horses will compete in the Freejump Contest in Riesenbeck this week end ! Let's meet the 8 riders who will jump against the German :

  • Lou Moreau and Atome Ideal Home ! Last year she competed on 105, and, after a good training this winter, she will start here first 1m10 and 1m15 in Riesenbeck and continue this year on this classes !

  • Marion Brousse and Arthur de Tourtoulou who compete on 1m25 classe and will start 1m30 this year !

  • Anaïs Azorin and Roméo du Mafran know each other since 5 years, they jump 1m30-1m35 and will compete in 1m25 classes !

  • Manolis Dubourg and his cute pony Lila de Melville. They will compete in 1M05 and 1m10 !

  • Arthur Espirac, young rider compete on 1m15 classes with his new horse, Urfirst des Champs and will move this year to 1m25 !

  • Yann Dubourg and Sangdiu de Kergane started competition at the end of last year ! They will Jump the 1m15 classes !

  • Stéphane Auriol and his two horses. Amateur rider really performant on classes 1m30 with Salto d'Helby and Tornade d'Helby on 1m20 classes.

  • Jerome Thevenot, the french federal vet ! His mare, Carisnaa is performing in 120-125 classe, the goal for this year is to be performant in 130 classe. His second horse, Vallon de Pepinvast will also compete in Riesenbeck. This new couple just starts the 1m15-1m20 !