Summertime Top Riders News
published on 16 September 2015
Freejump was inspired by Shakespeare with its Top Riders acting in a summer play whose leading role was first held by Michael JUNG (LIBERTY XC EVO/SOFT'UP PRO).  In the background: Blair Castle in Scotland, and last but not least the mythical Hickstead and Achen grounds... Summary:   1st August Year XV: it was a long story certainly told by the ringmaster of Hickstea[...]
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Freejump’s Eleven : the (in)famous from Vegas to Rolex
published on 12 May 2015
The indoor Worldcup Jumping Finals witnessed the landing of the Top Freejumpers amidst the 40 best riders in the MotherCave of all Shows ! Who are the 8 Freejumpers « in the money » who shuffled the cards ? Bertram Allen (SOFT'UP PRO) « broke the bank vault », the Irish boy is 3rd at 19 years old ! Full ( !) : the « queen » Beezie Madden (SOFT'UP [...]
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