FREEJUMP TOP RIDERS News : (Ho ho ho) They will be overflown with gifts!
published on 22 December 2016
On the sandy trails from Madrid to London via Geneva and Paris, the Freejump riding team didn’t need to play Bogeyman – with horses - to find cups and rosettes under their hooves! The World’s Cup Grand Prix of Madrid rewarded our ambassadors one month exactly before Christmas: Kévin Staut (SOFT’UP PRO / LIBERTY ONE) at the 2nd place, Ludger Beerbaum (SOFT&rsq[...]
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published on 21 December 2016
photo credit: IJRC After Bordeaux, La Baule, Les Etoiles de Pau in 2016, the latest (and not the least) Hoodie Freejump was the very limited edition for the riders of the ROLEX TOP TEN FINAL and the IJRC organisation team ! The next limited edition Freejump Hoodie will be for the upcoming Jumping de Bordeaux 2017.
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Analysis and shock absorption of the freejump single branch stirrups
published on 5 December 2016
The single-branch spring steel design acts like a suspension. Over a year, the stirrup of a rider who regularly rides one horse is subject to 230,000 joules*, the equivalent of a car crash test **. The SOFT'UP PRO stirrup allows the impact that is applied to be reduced by two-thirds compared to an aluminium stirrup or a traditional steel stirrup, representing a corresponding reduction [...]
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FREEJUMP TOP RIDERS : Freejump riders set the records straight !
published on 21 September 2016
Rolex and Longines had to better watch out the last weekend : Kent Farrington (Soft'up Pro Silver) and Kévin Staut (Soft'up Pro - Liberty One) were well on the Canadian time zone, taking 4th and 5th place of the very renowned Spruce Meadows Rolex Grand Prix. In the Nations Cup, Germany Hans-Dieter Dreher (Soft'up Pro) finished 4th with his team as the Belgian twins Ol[...]
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RIO FREEJUMP TOP RIDERS: Gold at stirrup tips
published on 24 August 2016
       The Corcovado and others dominated from the top. Michael Young (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY XC) flew over the competition once again winning the Eventing individual title. Our Jumping ambassadors were also outstanding at the course of a marathon with Kent Farrington (SOFT'UP PRO) in 5th place and also climbing on the 2nd step of the team podium alongside Beez[...]
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