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Leather care
published on 19 May 2019
Leather is a breathing material with fragile fibers that can become brittle and / or harder when it’s used regularly. It is important to care about. The Freewax cream is a high quality and natural, made in France. It nourishes and waterproofs the leather. Leather care tips: Frequency: it is recommended you clean your shoes and […]
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Limited edition Foxy Saddle Pad
published on 17 May 2019
→ Limited edition ← Premium Saddle pad with small tiles padding. The tight padding is more resistant and durable and offers a better comfort under the saddle. Limited edition Foxy Lady embroidery on the left side, freejump logo on the right. Black with black varnish piping. Public price : 89€
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published on 13 May 2019
🇬🇧 CSI5* Royal Windsor Horse Show 🔹Saturday International Competition 150cm 4th – Peder Fredricson (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 5th – Kent Farrington (Soft’up Classic stirrups) 7th – Martin Fuchs (Soft’up Pro stirrups / LibertyOne boots) 10th – Laura Renwich (Foxy boots / Soft’up Pro stirrups) 🔹Sunday Rolex Grand Prix 160cm 1st – Henrik Von Eckermann (Soft’up […]
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published on 6 May 2019
▪️▪️▪️ 🇨🇳 CSI5* LGCT Shanghai 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* 1.45-1.50cm 1st – Julien Epaillard (Soft’up Pro stirrups / Liberty One tall boots) 🔹SATURDAY – Grand Prix qualifier 1st – Martin Fuchs (Soft’up Pro stirrups /LibertyOne tall boots) 2nd – Christian Kukuk (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 4th – Julien Epaillard (Soft’up Pro / LiberyOne tall boots) 6th – […]
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published on 29 April 2019
▪️▪️▪️ 🇺🇸 CSI5* Longines Masters New York. 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* 1.55m 2nd – Beezie Madden (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 3rd – Olivier Philippaerts (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 12th – Edward Levy (Soft’up Classic stirrups) 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* Longines Speed Challenge 3rd – Olivier Philippaerts (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 11th – Harrie Smolders (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 🔹SATURDAY &#[...]
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