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published on 29 April 2019
▪️▪️▪️ 🇺🇸 CSI5* Longines Masters New York. 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* 1.55m 2nd – Beezie Madden (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 3rd – Olivier Philippaerts (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 12th – Edward Levy (Soft’up Classic stirrups) 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* Longines Speed Challenge 3rd – Olivier Philippaerts (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 11th – Harrie Smolders (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 🔹SATURDAY &#[...]
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published on 24 April 2019
🇺🇸 CSI5* Miami LGCT 🔹THURSDAY- GCL Team Competition Round 1 1st – Kent Farrington (Soft’up Classic stirrups) 2nd- Henrik von Eckermann (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 7th – René Lopez (Soft’up Classic stirrups) 9th – Niels Bruynseels (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 🔹FRIDAY – CSI5* 1.50m 1st – Olivier Philippaerts (Soft’up Pro stirrups) 3rd – Bertram Allen (Soft’up Pro […]
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The Master Class with Ludger Beerbaum
published on 17 April 2019
No more secrets, we are pleased to announce that Ludger Beerbaum will animate the Master Class on Saturday for the Freejump Contest in Riesenbeck ! How lucky are the 10 riders who will jump and get advices from one of the top rider in the World !    
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Full Easter week end
published on 15 April 2019
🍫 Full Easter week end 🐥 for the Freejump team, Yann and Anaïs will be in Riesenbeck 🇩🇪 , Ludger Beerbaum’ stables for the Freejump Contest. Marjorie and Jules will be in Fontainebleau for the BIP 🇫🇷 , come to meet Romane Orhant, for a signature session on our stand on Saturday, April 20th à […]
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Top rider news – week#14
published on 8 April 2019
🇸🇪Gothenburg Longines FEI Final of Showjumping 🔹SATURDAY GRAND PRIX 1st- Rolf-Göran Bengston (Liberty One tall boots / Soft‘ up Pro stirrups) 4th- Gudrun Pateet (Soft‘ up Pro stirrups) 6th- Ludger Beerbaum (Liberty One tall boots / Soft‘ up Pro stirrups) 🔹LONGINES FINAL RESULTS : 2nd – Martin Fuchs (Liberty One tall boots / Soft‘ up […]
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