The indoor Worldcup Jumping Finals witnessed the landing of the Top Freejumpers amidst the 40 best riders in the MotherCave of all Shows !
Who are the 8 Freejumpers « in the money » who shuffled the cards ? Bertram Allen (SOFT'UP PRO) « broke the bank vault », the Irish boy is 3rd at 19 years old !
Full ( !) : the « queen » Beezie Madden (SOFT'UP PRO) who stopped bluffing some time ago cold bloodily handles down the 4th step. Just behind her is the youngest of all riders at this level , Jos Verlooy (LIBERTY EVO), who draws « the pair » and finishes 5th. Then comes the « three of a kind » of riders with Bassem Hassan Mohammed (SOFT'UP PRO), Kévin Staut (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY EVO) and Hans-Dieter Dreher (SOFT'UP PRO) respectively 16th, 17th and 18th …
At the 11th spot, Martin Fuchs (SOFT'UP PRO) is another proof that youngsters are not afraid to « sit at the table » ! Another option was to « bet on » Geir Gulliksen (SOFT'UP PRO/LIBERTY EVO) on 25th. No « flopping » then in that battle which left behind only « clovers and hearts » !
At the « roulette » of CCE, GCT and DKB, the sure bets were SOFT’UP PROs and 1-2-3 :
At the 4* Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, we could count again on Michael Jung (LIBERTY XC EVO / SOFT’UP PRO) to be #1 with FischerRocana Lst when Tim Price (SOFT’UP PRO) and Wesko followed him in 2nd and Mr Jung drew 3rd as well with his accomplice La Biosthetique Sam !
The Irish clover was the color to wear at Ballindenisk, the other major eventing show that same week end, as the green Freejumpers were everywhere : Harold Megahey (SOFT’UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) took the trophy of the CCI2* while Michelle Kenny came 2nd (SOFT’UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) ; whereas in the CCI3* the bigger brothers Michael Ryan (SOFT’UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) was 3rd and Joseph Murphy (SOFT’UP PRO/LIBERTY XC EVO) placed 2 horses in 4th and 5th !
In the diamonds’ world capital, the Anvers GCT was at stake : Simon Delestre (Hermès SOFT’UP PRO) is the highest bidder with Ryan des Hayettes ! Hans Dieter Dreher (SOFT’UP PRO) is a close 2nd with Embassy II.
At the DKB Riders Tour in Hagen, David Will (SOFT’UP PRO) led the group, with Jamie Kermond (SOFT’UP PRO/LIBERTY EVO) in 3rd !