Freejump Contest


The Freejump Contest is back for its 9th edition.

Sport, conviviality and sharing in a festive atmosphere will be the watchwords of this amateur competition on the theme of Circus & Buffalo Bill.

Like every year, the Freejump Contest features an artistic equestrian work, and this year it’s bronze sculptor Noële Cherpentier who has created the emblem of the event. Noële Cherpentier’s works depict powerful moments on horseback, as illustrated by the work created especially for the event.


From 22/06 to 25/06: Pole Hippique Lou Chibaou – Barbaste



The events will be separated into 2 levels (separation made automatically at the fence according to the Performance Index of the couple): the Freejump gold tour (Performance Index between 0 and 2) and the Freejump silver tour (Performance Index between 2 and 4 as well as couples who do not yet have an I Perf).

The final on Sunday will bring together all the finalists (silver and gold) per event.

The 5 best riders of each ranking will qualify for the final: 5 silver riders in the Amat 3 tour, 5 gold riders in the Amat 3 tour, etc.

Numerous Freejump and Oscar & Gabrielle gifts (stirrups, shoes, chaps, spurs, airbags, saddle pads, hats, etc.) will be handed out at the prize-giving ceremonies. Don’t miss out!


Entries are now open. Come one, come all for this 9th edition of the Freejump Contest!
Contest n°202347020


You can find all the latest news and information about the Freejump Contest on the dedicated Facebook page here.


The Freejump Championship is run over 4 different levels of competition: Amateur 3, 2, 1 and Elite. Each championship consists of 3 qualifying events and a final. There is no limit to the number of times a rider may take part in the qualifying events.
A rider may take part in several championships with different horses. If a rider is entered several times in the same level of event with several different horses, he must indicate, before his first event, the horse with which he will compete in the Freejump Contest.


Amateur Elite :

A ranking is established over the 3 qualifying events with points awarded as follows: 1st: 15 points, 2nd: 14 points, 3rd: 13 points… etc until the 15th: 1 point.

The 10 best riders in this ranking qualify for the final. In the event of withdrawal from the final, the rider will not be replaced.

Amateur 3, 2 and 1 :

A ranking is established on the basis of the results of the 3 events for each round in each index, with points awarded in the same way as for the elite index. The top 5 riders in each ranking will qualify for the final.

i.e.: 5 SILVER TOUR Ama 3 riders, 5 GOLD TOUR Ama 3 riders, 5 SILVER TOUR Ama 2 riders, 5 GOLD TOUR Ama 2 riders, 5 SILVER TOUR Ama 1 riders, 5 GOLD TOUR Ama 1 riders.

In the final, riders (Silver and Gold) race together by index.


The Friday “Barème A Chrono” courses will be built like Grand Prix courses: the riders will have to combine speed and control.

From Saturday onwards: championship-style courses: tricky obstacles such as palanque, bidet and directional obstacles may be proposed. Lines with contracts (4, 5 or 6 strides) to be interpreted, but also lines without contracts to check the balance of the horses.

For indices 1 and Elite: triple and double. And when it comes to championships, the time allowed will be of the utmost importance!