ENG VERSION /  We are very proud to announce our partnership with the prestigious House of Cognac A. de Fussigny , a nice tasting of XO FINE CHAMPAGNE will be offered to all riders during the «  French Party  » on Sunday evening (1st of April ) during the Freejump Contest of Riesenbeck. 

 A. de Fussigny Cognacs are beautifully elaborated in our own distillery established in 1814 in the historical center of Cognac, France, on the banks of the Charente River. 
Since its creation, A de Fussigny has always been driven by a single quest: Ally authentic French tradition with state-of-the art modernity and innovation. This combination is fully expressed through our miscellaneous expressions.
They absolutly want to preserve the master blender’s craftsmanship through the elaboration of traditional and prestigious expressions along with creating innovative ranges to better meet consumers’ evolving tastes.

 Some words about the XO Fine Champagne to get you started : 

Fine Champagne. Blend carrying at least 50% of Grande Champagne and the rest of Petite Champagne.
Golden amber with intense copper and mahogany hues.
A subtle fruity, floral and oaky nose with dominant notes of candied citrus and black cherry. Then typical aromas of cellar and oak barrels come along. The notes of candied fruit (orange, pear, plums and cherry), toffee and caramel beautifully marry with those of licorice and oak. Finally, some hints of black tea, tobacco and cigar box set in.
Big, round and well balanced structure. Close to its bouquet, flavors of black cherry jam and marmalade nicely lead into vanilla and toffee flavors with subtle notes of oak, toasted almonds, black pepper and spices. Long finish with notes of spiced vanilla, toffee and leather.

 We are waiting for you in Riesenbeck, Sunday 1st April à 19.00 pm !